Our Primary Goal is Assisting Clients & Patients to have Optimal Health & Vitality

We rectifying your nutritional deficiencies and replenishing your nutrient shortages. You can become healthy and almost completely disease free.

Correct Eating and Dietary requirement for a healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle Eating Plans

It is said that there are over 3000 different diets in the world today, and while people tend to follow trends like Keto, Paleo, Intermittent fasting etc, it does not mean that, that specific diet or eating regiment will work for you, we at The Remarkable Energy Co. prides ourselves that we have correctly assisted over 2000 people in adjusting and tailoring their own diet and eating module for losing weight, becoming healthy and completely disease free and to remove certain factors like insulin resistance, pre diabetes and inflammatory response out of their lives completely.

We Assist by:
– Full Medical History, why this affects your eating regiment
– Current Weight, Target Weight, Difference, Realistic Goal, Daily loss factors
– Macro Ratios, Micro Ratios
– Correct eating routines
– Providing informed information on Protein, Fat, Fibre, Sugars, Starches, Fermenters, Enzymes, – Herbs, Spices, Aromatics & above all Super Foods
– Hourly Guidelines
– What foods to focus on and why
– What foods to avoid and why
– Food substitutes or alternatives
– Meal Information as per time-of-day information