Our Primary Goal is Assisting Clients & Patients to have Optimal Health & Vitality

We rectifying your nutritional deficiencies and replenishing your nutrient shortages. You can become healthy and almost completely disease free.

Meet the Team

Our remarkable team ….

Dr Susan Lehmann

BSc – Biochemistry
BSc Hons – Biochemistry
MB.CH.b V – 5 Years
D Tech – Biomedical
Speciality: Sub Cellular Nutritionist, Assisting in healing Children

Dr Lehmann is a world-renowned biochemist and sub cellular nutritionist with 40 years’ experience in personalised supplementation and metabolic defects. She specialises in sub-cellular nutrition and nutrient deficiency identification and a primary focus to identify amino acid shortages and incorrect ratios. Amino acids are the most essential nutrients to sustain all living cells, as they form building blocks for all proteins, enzymes, and neuropeptides.

Dr Lehmann has also been instrumental in developing nutritional products for various other companies. She has successfully treated CFS, Fibromyalgia, sub-cellular dysfunctions, Autism, ADD, ADHD, amongst others. She is also a cancer survivor and has vast experience in enhancing the quality of life and energy in cancer patients through nutrition.  She completed her doctoral studies in biomedical technology and conducted numerous seminars and symposiums on international and national level throughout her career.  

James Lehmann

BSc Hons – Human Nutrition
MSc – Analytical Cosmetic Chemistry
NQF Level 9 Ethnomed Health Practitioner
International Diploma in Trigger Point Specifics & Dry Needling
Speciality: Clinical Nutrition, Lifestyle Eating Regiments & Ingredient Alternatives & assisting in Cancer Treatments

James Lehmann is renowned for being one of the best nutritional product developers in the world and a Brain Cancer Survivor, with extensive experience in the ingredients used in nutrition as well as in food and beverage development, his primary focus is to identify shortages and deficiencies and then to replenish those ingredients, but also to add vital components such as co-factors and absorption agents to increase the efficiency of the product, most products on the shelf remains ineffective due to developers not understanding the principle of co-factor ingredients.

Dedicated and dynamic research and development ensures that his nutritional product development remains on a next level, his development is based on research, science, and correct sequencing of life cycles. Nutritional lifestyle should be based on what your body needs and not only the benefits of what the mind wants.

By achieving healthy, and living without disease makes us free, and this creates a higher level of consciousness

Aletha Van Den Bergh

Aletha van den Bergh is an Advocate of the High Court of SA. She has a special interest in medical law and many years’ experiences in medico-legal interviewing and report writing.
She is also a keen long distance and trail runner since 1991 with i.e. 21 Comrades Marathon and 21 Two Oceans Marathon medals. She firmly believes in a holistic approach to health and healing. 

Together with Dr Lehmann she can help athletes to reach peak performance and recovery by providing:

Detailed personal nutrient supplementation through DBS (Dry Blood Spotting)

Enhanced mental and physical performance, speedy recovery, prevention of injuries

Boosting the immune system and digestive system while preparing for sport events

Liezel Theron

Qualified Comprehensive Basi Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer with 10 Years’ Experience
Liezel also has a Black Belt in Taekwondo Martial Arts
Dietary Recommendations (In Training)
Dry Needling (In Training)

Speciality: Basi Pilates, Personal Training

Pilates is a lifestyle and personal, Pilates has helped me recover from a lot of sport related injuries.

Liezel currently recovers from Lyme Disease, a serious medical condition where intra-cellular bacteria constantly attack the body, this causes her to not having enough energy to sustain her during the day.

Liezel has a very active personality and she is highly qualified in Pilates and Taekwondo, but with interests in the healing of all our patients and/or clients